About VCWD

The Valliammai Centre for Women’s Development (VCWD) was started in response to the growing problems and challenges against women. The organization was initiated and launched in April 2016, with an objective of serving women needs.

VCWD is non-profit organization, promoting all kinds of women education to confidently lead their life. VCWD primarily focuses on women problems and challenges, empowerment of women by enhancing entrepreneurial skills. As such many women from poorer communities do not have adequate access to necessary resources that allow them redefine their lives, in this context we are committed to women education, health, safety, right to have better life, no fear – no tear, and initiative to teach women to survive successfully and move forward with respect.

VCWD Vision

Facilitate women and children to live in a world of peace.

VCWD Mission

We promote women’s and children’s development through

  • Counseling and advisory services
  • Awareness and Advocacy
  • Training